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Welcome to, dedicated to the work of author Brenna Zinn. This site is intended for adults only.

SEALs on Fire

Seal On Fire

The SEALs are here!  The Sassy Seven authors newest series SEALs On Fire, about seven seriously sexy stories about eight Navy SEALs looking to blow off a little steam in the Florida Keys is now available – in PAPERBACK!

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SEALs on Fire

Dagger’s Edge

Dagger's Edge - By Brenna Zinn

My book, Dagger’s Edge, will have you laughing, sweating with sexual heat, and in tears.  Trust me when I tell you this story has it ALL


Though well hidden, deep scars from Dean "Dagger" Gregory's troubled past have influenced each important decision he's ever made, including joining the military and keeping his distance from his best friend's sister, Mia Benson, the only woman he's ever loved. But after Dagger's friend strong-arms him into checking on the feisty redhead during his leave in Key West, he finds himself under sexual attack and with no desire—or willpower—to retreat.


“Oh, I get it. So you’re afraid of my brother.” The prod was so easy to think of. Surely Dean wouldn’t be able to resist this carrot.

To her delight, his hand still holding hers tightened. Deep furrows dug into the skin between his brows.

“I’ve never been afraid of another man in my life.” True to form, his voice dripped with indignation.

 “Then kiss me.”

The challenge tumbled from her mouth as any glib remark might—little emotion, all quick banter. Her expectation for his accepting the goad was low. He wasn’t exactly known for doing just anything when provoked, especially when the poke came from her.

In the milliseconds while she waited for his response through word or action, the world seemed to stop spinning.  Her heart suddenly lodged in her throat.  Her pulse raced in her veins as though she’d taken some kind of drug spiked with adrenaline. The dare and his reply took on a meaning she’d never intended. But there it was. More than ever before, she wanted his kiss.  She needed his kiss. Hadn’t she loved him long enough to finally deserve to have her lips touch his?
“Please, Dean,” Mia whispered earnestly.  She stared at him, hoping he’d read the desperate pleading she tried to convey through her eyes. “Just one kiss.”

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Dagger’s Edge


What readers are saying:

This sexy, short story had me on the edge of my seat from the start.
~ Review by Aster, Whipped Cream Review

Readers beware…your fingers may get blisters.
~ Review by Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio

The sex is blistering hot, low-down and dirty…
~ Cocktail Reviews